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Extreme Boot Camp saved my life!!!   Extreme Boot Camp was my last hope before thinking about taking the easy way out. I seriously thought that if this program didn't give me the results I was looking for I could always have surgery that could take care of it.   I have tried every diet out there, and yes they work for a while, but I never kept the weight off. I have struggled with eating my entire life. I ate over my feelings and stuffed my problems away with food.   When I started Extreme Boot Camp, I weighed 163. I ran a 12-minute mile. I could barley do any of the exercises without feeling out of breath. By the 3rd session, I ran a 7:14 mile. I lost 23 pounds and 19 inches all over. I have since ran four half-marathons and will continue to challenge myself with higher goals.   Extreme Boot Camp changed me not only physically but mentally, as well. It has developed in me the discipline for a healthy life. They taught me how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. The challenging workouts given daily pulled that competitive spirit out that had disappeared in me. It has given me my self-confidence back to live out the lifestyle I had always dreamed of.   Very Grateful to Extreme Boot Camp, Nicole
- Nicole
I cannot even begin to explain how it changed my life. Extreme Boot Camp Tustin Ranch was there (and still is) with me along the way & the people over there are awesome. Yes it takes discipline, but it definitely pays off."
- Marcelo
Extreme Boot Camp has given me the physical strength I didn’t know I had and restored the mental strength I had lost.  After my very first day of camp, I almost left in tears thinking I could not do this program.  I was so out of shape and mentally discouraged with myself. Luckily, with the encouragement and reassurance of the instructors and my fellow boot campers, who told me to just do the best that I could and go at my own pace, I returned the next day and since then have continued to amaze myself!  It is astonishing to see and feel such huge results in just six weeks, or as I like to say, just 30 hours!!  I lost 25 pounds and 20 inches in my first six-week session.  Not only did Extreme Boot Camp give me great physical results, but it has just as importantly given me the confidence to keep active and do things I only just thought of doing.  I have completed my first 5K ever and have also moved on to do other physical charity fundraisers.  This program has made me believe in myself again.  At the end of the session, I knew I could do anything I set my eyes on!  Extreme Boot Camp has changed my life both physically and mentally, and I am profoundly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of such a great program.
- Marlene
I love boot camp.  We are already one-third of the way through.  I was thinking, driving back home this morning, why I liked this so much.  Number one, it is something different every day.  Different locations, different exercises, instructors switching around, I never know exactly what to expect when I get there.  The problem with something like a gym membership is that it can get sooooooo boring -- the same old place, the same old equipment, the same old routines; there is nothing to interest the mind while doing the exercises.  Boot camp is never boring, that's for sure.  Number two, the instructors.  They all know so much about what they are doing.  They are well-trained, well-educated in this subject matter, plus they are cheerful, positive, and encouraging.  Number three, I like the way I am starting to feel -- stronger, more energetic, and more positive.  Number four, I am learning so much each day about new ways to exercise and develop strength and health.  There are many more reasons why I like boot camp so much, but those are the first ones that come to mind. Jerry
- Jerry
My name is Bhavna Thakker. I m a home maker ... And mother of 2 kids ! I first found out about the Extreme bootcamp through a friend of mine who lives in Tustin ! I used to workout at 24 hrs fitness before .. She suggested let's try something different .. And I m so glad I agreed ! As I had just gotten back from my vacation to Europe .. I really needed to shed some pounds ! After both my pregnancies I have kinda always struggled to maintain a healthy weight ... Though I was never a skinny girl growing up or neither did i ever have interest in any sport ! I love love love food ! So I used to be always ready to excercise so I can eat guilt free ! I first session at EBC I didn't see any results .. I mean my goal was to loose weight ... But somehow I didn't lose any ! I did feel stronger physically and mentally ! What EBC did to me was taught me discipline ! Discipline in eating healthy .. Keepin the mess log ... Being regular in workouts ... And most importantly eating in smaller portions ... Being vegetrain my protein intake was also not sufficient to loose more fat and gain muscle ! It was instructors like Tracy Zimmerman , Matt Mendez and Alta D'costa who helped me through my discouraging moments !! I never gave up though ! I used to like the workouts but Hate the days when we had to Run !!! Yes there was a time when running used to be my least favorite thing ! I don't know how I managed to gather courage signed up for my first half marathon in 2009 Disneyland half marathon ! I think it was the influence of other crazy friends I had made at the extreme boot camp ! That's another advantage of joining a group like EBC ... You meet a lot of other insane people like yourself ! Well that was it! I grew up to become a runner ! From that day till today I ve 15 medals ... 2 Ragnar relay races ; 2 full marathons and several half marathons and 10k's and 5k's .... I discovered a new me ! A stronger me ! A more Confident me !! Nothing seems impossible now ! Thanks to wonderful instructors who always guide and encourage to dig deep inside !! If it wasn't for EBC I would have never met the New ME! I have discovered my strength and also some muscles in my body that I never knew existed !!( also I didn't remember having my own Collar bones !! Now I see them .. !! ) Lol Though I have been doin EBC for all these years I haven't gotten bored of it .. Like I do if I were to work out at the gym! Coz the workouts are always different .. More challenging .. Always
- Bhavna
I’m not really sure how I found out about Extreme Boot Camp.  All I remember was seeing a small ad in one of those “throw away” magazines that end up in your driveway or mail box.  That was sometime in November.  After procrastinating for several weeks, I called the number and left a voice mail.  An Extreme Boot Camp staff member called me back, gave me an overview of the program and answered my questions.  Boot camp was in between sessions in December and the next full 6-week session started in January.  I continued to procrastinate, but finally in early January I called and signed up over the phone.  On January 5th I showed up at the orientation meeting to be weighed and measured, for some timed pushups and sit ups and run a timed mile.  At that time, I weighed in at an all-time high, none of my clothes fit, and I couldn’t even run the full mile.  I walked over half of it.  Needless to say, I was in pathetic shape. On January 7th, my 56th birthday, I showed up for my first Extreme Boot Camp, not knowing what to expect.  Tracy and Lauren were the instructors.  I thought we would ease into it, but I was wrong.  Ten minutes in we were doing, or trying to do, mountain climbers, 4-counts, 6-counts and 8-counts.  I remember going home that night soaking wet and exhausted. That went on for several days.   I stuck with it, however, and after missing 7 days due to travel and illness, I finished strong attending the last 15 days in a row.  At graduation, I was stunned.  I had lost 17 1/2 pounds and over 15 inches in total.  I knocked 4 minutes off my timed mile.  I continued to re-enlist and am now finishing my 6th Boot Camp session.  The results have been amazing.  I have lost over 41 pounds and 21 inches total off my waist, chest, hips and buttocks combined.  My body fat percentage has decreased 6.5%.  I can now do 50 pushups and 50 sit-ups without stopping.  My mile time has improved to just over 9 minutes, down from 14 minutes.  I joined the Extreme Boot Camp Saturday running camp in May and have been a regular ever since.  I have since run a sanctioned 10K and 5K race in respectable times, and last week completed a grueling 17-mile round trip hike in Yosemite to the top of Half Dome.  None of this would have been possible without Extreme Boot Camp.  The instructors have been great and very supportive.  They really do care.  At my annual physical earlier this year, my doctor was totally amazed and said that I had added years to my life.  An added benefit is that I even stopped snoring.  It was so bad before, I had to sleep in a different room. Bottom line:  Because of Extreme Boot Camp I am now in my best shape in over 20 years.  I am able to do things now that  I couldn’t have imagined doing a year ago, and am planning new things to do, for example scale Mt. Whitney via the mountaineer’s route next year.  It’s changed my life and lifestyle, and I am deeply grateful to all the instructors.  Lastly, I’ve made some good friends in the process, which makes the experience even better.
- John
  "Prior to my first session of Extreme Boot Camp...I'm almost positive I had the worst eating habits in America!  Though I was not overweight and was in relatively good shape...I had personal goals of wanting to eat healthier and look more physically fit...being that I was an avid marathon runner!  Hands down...Extreme Boot Camp was the perfect place for me to achieve these goals!  For the first time in 39 years...I was eating more fruits and vegetables ever thought possible...and had completely stopped going to fast food restaurants!  The nutrition plan given on the first day of class made me realize how unhealthy certain foods were...and at the same time...gave me hundreds of healthy alternatives!  So true when they say..."You Are What You Eat"!  By eating healthy and following the Extreme Boot Camp guidelines...I was looking a lot leaner, had more energy and had lost 3% body fat!  I couldn't believe it!  Also, I went from doing (4) guy push-ups when I first joined on 2/23/08 to (45) guy push-ups on 06/12/ just 2 minutes.!  Wow!  Most certainly, the Extreme Boot Camp instructors were an integral part of my transformation!  I loved the fact that I was accounted for every single day, was pushed to be the best that I can be and that they were truly interested in my progress...especially when it came to my eating it was such a huge issue with me!  And as a bonus, I developed quite a few long lasting friendships with men and women whom have similar fitness goals!  : )         Thank you Extreme Boot Camp for helping me make such a positive change in my life!  I truly believe in your program and wish that everyone in America can experience it too!"
- Jacqueline
Extreme Boot Camp Tustin Ranch has been extremely beneficial for the mind, body, and my whole overall attitude. I signed up in order to get in shape for a 39-mile walk, and Extreme Boot Camp helped me reach my goal. I gained strength, endurance, and I was able to lose body fat and inches! Now, I am already setting my next goal! Thank you!” 
- Katie
Extreme Boot Camp has been the best and most beneficial workout for me. By the end of the first 6-week session, I had lost 14 pounds and 14 inches overall.  My endurance level has increased dramatically.   I feel and look like a new person!”   
- Jodi
I signed up for Extreme Boot Camp to lose a little weight (about 15 pounds) and get in shape. I thought I would do it once and move on with my life. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do; it has been an amazing experience with REAL results. I used to be one of the slower runners, but now I’m up at the front. I’m even planning to do my first half-marathon in January. Extreme Boot Camp has helped me see how easy it is to incorporate healthy diet and exercise into my busy life. I have a whole new healthy lifestyle and don’t feel like I’m missing a thing!” 
- Suzanna
My daughter and I have enjoyed the camaraderie that one gets when waking up 5:00 a.m. and working out for an hour every morning at 5:30 for 6 weeks. The results of losing inches, toning our bodies, and getting ripped abs have put substance behind the Boot Camp claims of ‘a great all-encompassing workout in fantastic outdoor environments.’”   
- Ed
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My name is Bhavna Thakker. I m a home maker ... And mother of 2 kids ! I first found out about the Extreme bootcamp through a friend of mine who lives in Tustin ! I used to workout at 24 hrs fitness before .. She suggested let's try something differen...

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